A Timeless Keepsake

A Timeless Keepsake by Charisse Marei

A Timeless Keepsake by Charisse Marei



A Timeless Keepsake is available from your local bookshop and online booksellers.

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A Timeless Keepsake is designed with you in mind, use by itself or alongside One Room at a Time: The Bathroom; Your Essential Guide to an Eco-Conscious, Healthy Living Lifestyle. It’s the one place to Release, Renew, Revitalize memories from days gone by, the present, and what is yet to come. As you begin the journaling journey empower yourself with action-inspiring techniques to enlighten the way. They are the foundational tools to transfer cherished thoughts onto paper with gratifying purpose.

Before each journal entry take a few moments to mindfully unveil the one thought inspiring your palette. Does this intention emanate inner and outer love? Is the pencil urging to move across the page in whimsy flair to form one word, one squiggle, at a time?

You decide!

Inspirational sayings are sprinkled throughout the pages to encourage heartening thoughts and to raise spirits. They speak to you.

The pages readily await the release of your inner vision.


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Book Excerpt…

Infuse this book with positive vibration and beautiful earth energy to enhance the mind, body, and spiritual connection of this journaling experience. For within your hands is the making of a treasure—A Timeless Keepsake fashioned with a personalized imprint of life-giving attributes. What you choose is a reflection of your unique personal style.

My personal journey enlightens and inspires me with each change, big or small.

I am aware.

I am ready.

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