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The 9 Step Method to Create Your Healthy Home

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Inspire Your Team 

Charisse is an authentic speaker who connects with her audience in a way that motivates them to create change.

How does your home make you feel? 

  • Do you love spending time in every room of your home, including your home office?
  • Is it  purposeful, clutter-free, organized, and environmentally safe?
  • Is your home a place where you can take a deep breath and feel joy?

Empower yourself with Charisse Marei’s full color, action-inspiring interactive book to start creating change today.


Meet Charisse 

I’m Charisse Marei, and I believe our homes should help us feel inspired, happy, and free to relax or work with clarity and joy. As an Eco Conscious Interior Designer, Professional Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC), Green Designer, and Feng Shui Consultant, I am passionate about helping people create the connection between their home and their well-being, and guiding them to create interior spaces that are aesthetically beautiful, functional, balanced, environmentally safe, and healthy for everyone including our furry friends.

Today’s world offers us so much convenience, but the environmental and electromagnetic toxins that come with advanced technology disrupt our well-being. As a Professional Building Biology Environmental Consultant & Green Designer I specialize in identifying and remediating toxic interior environments so you can live a lifestyle that supports your home, well-being, and our Earth.

Eco-conscious living is to be mindful of our thoughts for our thoughts manifest into reality. Let’s remove toxic environments, internal & physical clutter and opt for a healthy home * healthy lifestyle to live your most vibrant life. It’s a journey that’s as fun as it is transformative and I can’t wait to join you on it.


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Custom products by Charisse Marei are in addition to her services. 

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