My Journey to a Healthier Me

As I reflect on my life, I realize, I was laying the foundation for what was yet to come.Meet Charisse Marei

At the healthy age of 40, I removed myself from a toxic environment as an Aviation Designer and began Healthy Living with Charisse Marei, formerly Green Space Designs. My intuition, and desire to increase my awareness about natural healthy conscious living, led me along the path of formal training in Feng Shui, Building Biology and Eco-Design and therapeutic essential oils. 

Healthy Living with Charisse Marei was steadily growing and the services provided continued to expand. In addition to private residential design clients, I was heavily engaged in the design of presentations for universities, schools and professional companies.

My personal lifestyle was just as active and rewarding as my professional lifestyle. I am the mother of three beautiful children and happily married for the second time.
I nurtured my body, mind, spirit and home connection on a daily basis, while understanding the importance of positive ch’i and balance.

The day I did not listen to my intuition was the turning point in my health and energy. If only I had turned my car around and drove home.

I was injured in a multi-vehicle accident; I experienced head trauma and a head injury again several weeks later while riding my bicycle on the New Jersey boardwalk. A couple weeks later, I was granted unrelated surgery which resulted in premature peri-menopause. I also began to notice the negative effects in my body and mind from exposure to environmental mold and chemicals in and around my home. The series of mishaps and exposure was the introduction to a steady health decline for years to come.

Unaccustomed to being unwell, I hid my condition from family, friends, and clients. For one year I fabricated excuses for my physical limitations. It was my eldest sister who noticed my inability to descend down a flight of stairs and her relentlessness led to the discovery of my secret.  

After my secret was out, I continued to visit with numerous specialists weekly hoping for a diagnosis. Unfortunately, an exact answer never surfaced. I was labeled with numerous conditions, each attached with a prescription, injection, intravenous and more tests. I was not conditioned for, nor did I accept this lifestyle.

My health continued to decline rapidly over the following year, affecting my life in all areas. Professionally I was unable to function and perform effectively. My body was unable to execute the gentlest of movements, even when practicing yoga. Every breath in, every movement to walk, lift, and stand hurt internally and to the touch. My senses were heightened to chemicals and toxins, including personal care and cleaning products.

As the list of health conditions increased I NEVER took a single pill, for I believed doing so would have masked the symptoms and unveiling the cause would remain a secret, therefore relying on drugs for a life-time.

Through all my struggles, I never lost hope. I continued to research and empower myself and others, as I explored and implemented various alternative approaches. I prayed and believed in the restoration of my health.

Inspired by the foundation of my life’s journey since childhood I never lost sight of my inner light. I discovered the life changing benefits of a holistic approach to optimal health. I became empowered through the reintroduction to Young Living Essential Oils, thanks to a female mentor who guided me toward their use. She is the one who encouraged me to tap into the essence of their natural properties.

Today, I am well, aside from a few ailing issues requiring additional time to heal. Overall, I believe I am once again the healthy and energetic woman I once knew and loved to be. With gratitude, my journey has led me to a personal quest to share what I have learned through personal experience with you.

I design healthy interior environments with a focus on beauty and health of the whole person, from the inside out. My goal is to create harmony and balance in the lives of those who want a lifestyle that is favorable to their personalities. My wish is to guide and empower YOU on your journey to a naturally-inspired healthy and happy life.


Love & Light,
Charisse Marei

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