Hello Beautiful!

I have some exciting news to share with you. The Eco-Shop is now open and my book, The Bathroom Your Guide to a Beautiful Eco-Conscious, Healthy-Living Lifestyle is now available for pre-order!

The Bathroom Front Cover

The Bathroom helps you focus on achieving the home of your dreams, starting with creating a sanctuary in one simple room: the bathroom, where you begin and end each day. With its interactive workbook and countless eco—tips, recipes and shopping lists, this book will gently encourage you to:

  • Remove toxins from your life
  • Declutter, organize, and tidy to create harmony
  • Design with purpose
  • Manifest a treasure chest of well-being
  • Do breathe-able cleaning
  • Share stories
  • Welcome greater purpose

Along the way to self-discovery you will acquire the tools of the trade to be the interior designer and client of your own project, discover new words to replace the negative word “stress,” and uncover the five keys to staying on the clutter-free path.

Click here to pre-order The Bathroom.