The Why: 5-Reasons to Make Essential Oil Perfume – PART 1

We love the scent of essential oil perfume all day, every day. Instead of spritzing, splashing, and dabbing an array of over the counter synthetic perfumes and colognes, we prefer to dab and roll with pure essential oils. So move over and make way for the mini bottles filled with pure, therapeutic-grade EOs. Here are 5-Reasons to make the switch.

1. pure and breathe-able

Gone are the days of not feeling well from chemical-laden formulas. ‘Perfume Oils’ compliment an Eco-Conscious, Healthy-Living Lifestyle. They are known for their pure, therapeutic properties to enhance well-being, nourish breathe-able air, and protect our Earth. Of course, to enrich our personal scent.

We suggest making the switch. Try essential oils for a 30-day minimum then sniff or spritz your everyday perfume again. Recognize the difference by tuning into your senses. Do you experience adverse health reactions—watery eyes, coughing, dizzy, rash, itchy, headache, and more? Does the scent remind you of chemicals after you’ve been spoiled with ‘the pure stuff’? Listen to your intuitive self and remove those chemical-laden bottles from your home.

2. cost-effective

You’ve heard the expression: a little bit goes a long way. Pure essentials oils are so potent that 2 drops here or 2 drops there are all you need. Suppose you apply 3x’s daily, how much will the drops cost? If a bottle costs $24.00 and there are 280 (+) drops in a bottle the cost is .09 per drop. Times that by 6/daily drops and your cost is $.54/day, $3.78/week. Choose your essential oils and tally up the cost. Have some fun and do comparisons.

3. it’s easy

The steps to making perfume oils are surprisingly simple. First up, find the essential oils you like from the vast selection of singles and blends. It’s a personal preference (PP). Next, gather the tools of the trade—bottles, dropper, labels. Drip drops into the bottle with the dropper, shake, and sniff. Dab a drop onto one wrist and sniff. Keep tweaking. Use your intuition as a guide to reaching the perfect blend. Name the perfume. Add the name and ingredients to the label, adhere.

4. it’s fun

Add zing while mixing and matching different extracts to create a personal unique scent just for you. Increase the fun and host a theme-based Eco-Perfume-Making Party. Invite the special women in your life to make batches of theme-based perfume oils. Choose, for example, an over-all love-theme and tag it with a specific purpose. Great for bridal showers, wedding favors, and one-on-one gift-giving solutions. It’s also trendy to host a ‘Perfume Bar’ at baby showers, bridal parties, and after dinner parties where guests can mix a personal blend and take it home as a favor! The sky is the limit with the variety of essential oils Young Living, my go-to essential oil supplier,  offers. Get creative, be inspired, get going!

5. your signature scent

Each little bottle created is your signature scent designed and inspired by you to compliment your personal style story. Wear it everywhere you go! Apply during your morning routine, as a mid-day fresh-me-up, and before evening socializing. Simply roll or drip drops onto one wrist, then touch wrists together to blend.

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