One Room at a Time Book Bundle

Includes One Room at a Time: The Bathroom Your Guide to a Beautiful Eco-Conscious, Healthy-Living Lifestyle and A Timeless Keepsake

This informative yet whimsical guide is not just your typical design book—it was created to help unveil your unique personal style and authentic flair!

Charisse Marei helps you focus on achieving the home of your dreams, starting with creating a sanctuary in one simple room: the bathroom, where you begin and end each day.

Charisse’s beautiful, full-color illustrations, bring a touch of joy and inspiration to each page. This is a must-have go-to eco-guide to fulfill the quest for an eco-conscious lifestyle. It’s the gift of love for any bathroom lover.

The Bathroom book: Limited edition!

journal * sketch * dream

In A Timeless Keepsake, Charisse Marei gathered some of her favored inspirational sayings and purposefully placed them on each page.

Use the journal alongside The Bathroom book or by itself. Journal bathroom stories from years gone by, tap into the vibe of the present or imagine what is yet to come. Add sketches and splashes of color to the pages—as you see it, as you feel it.

Charisse’s beautiful, color illustrations and inspirational sayings bring a touch of joy to each page.

Each book sold will be signed by Charisse Marei.

it’s the perfect eco-gift for yourself and a friend!



This interactive, action-inspiring book, is complete with eco-tips, recipes, and shopping lists, to gently encourage you to remove toxins from each room, declutter, organize and tidy to create harmony in your home and welcome greater purpose in your life. Along the way to self-discovery, you will acquire the tools of the trade to be the interior designer and client of your own project, discover new words to replace the negative word “stress,” and uncover the five keys to staying on the clutter-free path.

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