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VIP Gift Set - Healthy Home Design Consults & Coaching Services

happy * healthy * lifestyle

We can’t wait to help your clients create a lifestyle they love.

Want to send an appreciation gift to clients though not quite sure what to send? The Healthy Home * Healthy Lifestyle gift set is sure to capture their attention. It’s an expression of how much you care about their home & health today and into the future.

Charisse Marei welcomes the opportunity to help your clients through the transformation process to create a home environment that is a reflection of their personal style.

The Healthy Home * Healthy Lifestyle Consultation together with the Eco-Conscious Home book are essential elements to create interior spaces that are beautiful, functional, joyful, and environmentally safe for everyone including furry friends and our Earth.

In-person or virtual consulting options.

The package arrives in a pure white eco-friendly gift box and beautifully presented in the Charisse Marei gift-wrap collection.

it’s the perfect gift for a special someone on your gift-giving list!



Healthy Home * Healthy Lifestyle Design Consult & Coaching Services
Eco-Conscious Home Book 
Botanical Butterfly Bookmark

Eco-friendly white box
Color-coordinated twine or ribbon
Handwritten note option
Color-coordinated eco recycled fill

Healthy Home * Healthy Lifestyle Design Consult & Coaching Services: Your home is where your heart is, and your well-being is your lifeline to health and happiness. Weave them together to create a home lifestyle you simply love—healthy, beautiful, functional, environmentally safe, and harmonious. 

Charisse helps you transform your home into an eco-friendly haven to create a beautiful and enviro-safe life starting with one room at a time. You choose where to begin and the areas of focus. She develops a doable action-inspiring plan to create interior spaces that reflect your personal style and support the home and well-being connection.

Consultations are virtual or in person. A lovely contact card is included.

Eco-Conscious Home Book: It’s square! This super pretty, full-color illustrations, interactive book is complete with countless eco-tips, recipes, How-Tos & DIYs, recipes, and shipping lists. Use it as a guide to remove toxins from the home (home office), declutter, organize, tidy-up, conserve resources, and to welcome greater purpose in your life. Hand-signed by Charisse Marei.

Botanical Butterfly Bookmark: Add a touch of eco-chic to your books with our fashionably coordinated bookmarks. Discover the three flowers in bloom under the botanical butterfly, flip it over to reveal an inspirational saying. Organic tassel links both sides together.

Charisse Marei Gift Wrap + Handwritten Note: We personally wrap your gift and handwrite your message on our beautifully designed coordinating notecard. Add your words at checkout.

Weight 22.4 oz
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 3 in

30 Min, 1 Hour, 2 Hour, Half Day


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