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Eco-Chic Coffee Table Gift Set

beautify * simplify * harmonize

Bring a touch of joy and inspiration to all who gather. Charisse Marei helps you set-the-stage with her innovative bathroom book and shimmering aromatic gem diffuser.

Two inspirational masterpieces, two intriguing conversation pieces. Together they harmonize to adorn a living room coffee table.

A touch of whimsy and splashes of cover color set the stage for what lies within the pages of the mindfully crafted book. Style with the crystal & quartz aromatic diffuser to bring a touch of joy and inspiration to all who gather.

Each gift set arrives in a white eco-friendly gift box and artistically presented in the Charisse Marei gift-wrap collection.

***Package Value $102.00***

it’s a perfect gift for a special someone on your list!



The Bathroom: Your Essential Guide to a Beautiful Eco-Conscious Healthy Living Lifestyle Book
Botanical Butterfly Bookmark
Botanical Intention Butterfly

Eco-friendly white box
Color-coordinated twine or ribbon
Custom gift wrap + Handwritten note option
Color-coordinated eco recycled fill

The Bathroom: Your Essential Guide to a Beautiful Eco-Conscious Healthy Living Lifestyle Book: Beautiful, full-color illustrations bring a touch of joy and inspiration to each page. Create a beautiful, functional, and environmentally safe home and healthy well-being with this must-have go-to eco-guide for every room in the home to fulfill the quest for a healthy home & healthy lifestyle. Start with the bathroom then apply the same principles to every room in your home. Hand-signed by Charisse Marei.

Botanical Butterfly Bookmark ~ The Bathroom: Add a touch of eco-chic to your books with our fashionably coordinated bookmarks. Discover the three flowers in bloom under the botanical butterfly, flip it over to reveal an inspirational saying. Organic tassel links both sides together.

Eco Crystal & Rose Quartz Aromatherapy Diffuser: Raise your vibration with our shimmering eco-chic diffuser at home and on the go. The delightful botanical scent flowing from the shimmering crystal and rose quartz is mindlessly gratifying. Includes: displayed in a hand-selected organic muslin pouch and natural tassel. Contents: high-quality clear crystal and rose quartz gem chips in a pre-filled bag, mini essential oil drip pad, glass vial filled with 15 drops of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil. Dish sold separately.

Botanical Intention Butterfly: Angelic blue seeded paper butterflies are ever so whimsical and ready to transform into gorgeous wildflowers. Add an intention, plant in a small pot with organic soil and water. Place in a sunny corner indoors.

Charisse Marei Gift Wrap + Handwritten Note: We personally wrap your gift and handwrite your message on our beautifully designed coordinating notecard. Add your words at checkout.

Weight 48.1 oz
Dimensions N/A
Book Binding

Hard Cover, Soft Cover


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