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Charisse Marei helps you transform your home into an eco-friendly haven to manifest a healthy, clean life starting with one room at a time.

Your home is where your heart is, and your well-being is your lifeline to happiness. Weave them together to create a lifestyle that is beautiful and environmentally safe for you, your family, furry friends, and our Earth.

Charisse empowers you with the 9 Steps to an Eco-Conscious Lifestyle. She provides you with the tools of the trade to live a lifestyle FREE from overwhelm and chemicals.

This beautiful, full-color illustrations, interactive book is complete with countless eco—tips, recipes, and shopping lists. It gently encourages you to remove toxins from the home, declutter, organize, tidy up, design, conserve, and to welcome greater purpose in your life.

This is a must-have go-to eco-guide for every room in the home to fulfill the quest for an eco-friendly, eco-conscious lifestyle.

Each book sold on will be signed by Charisse Marei.

it’s the perfect eco-gift for yourself and a friend!


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