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CREAMY GRIT Specialty Cleaning Scrub

White as Snow

Our NEW design! Formulated to clean the eco-friendly home + aromatically delightful.

From the jar to the white creamy grit, to the dipped in spoon, and onto the cloth, everyone is sure to find delight in this specialty scrub. It will clean and purify, brighten and shine everyday messes, grimy buildup, and stains. Made with aromatically delightful non-toxic ingredients . . . so go ahead and breathe deeply. It’s your new go-to jar for daily to semi-annual cleaning.

Use it for quick to over the top cleaning tasks. Creamy Grit is perfect for kitchen and bathroom staple pieces, baseboards, vents, switch covers, and stains. Take it outdoors to clean tires, grills, and tools. Place one jar under the kitchen, bathroom, and half bath sink, and with outdoor wash products. A little bit goes a long way.

Reuse | Refill the jars with Creamy Grit Specialty Scrub!

Pure. Clean. Pretty. It’s the perfect little eco-gift for yourself and a friend!



  • Reusable Clear Glass Orcio Jar with Decorative Upraised Handles + Gold Lug Cap (Pre-Filled in a 7 oz. jar)
  • Charisse Marei Cap Label
  • Refill available. Reship us the jar and we will discount the cost to refill


  • 100% organic
  • Therapeutic grade essential oils—pure, organic, unscented vegetable and vegan ingredients, filtered water, TLC

Weight 22.4 oz

1 review for CREAMY GRIT Specialty Cleaning Scrub

  1. HomeandHeart.net

    Love this stuff. It makes my kitchen sink smile! xo

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