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Virtual Healthy Home Design Appointments

home. well-being. lifestyle.

Create healthy interior spaces that support your home, well-being, and lifestyle from the comfort of your home or office.

Charisse Marei offers virtual consultation & coaching practices. She welcomes the opportunity to guide you along the path of transformation to create interior spaces that are beautiful, functional, harmonious, and environmentally safe.

Choose a one room at a time makeover or your entire home.

Start by scheduling an appointment to discuss your project. Or, send us the room name, dimensions, photos, and goal for each interior space. Charisse will contact you personally to discuss your project.

With personalized guidance, we will develop a plan to bring forth change representative of your goals and personal style.


  • one room at a time make-over or entire home
  • home | home office assessments
  • healthy home specifics:
    • clutter
    • organization
    • breathe-able clean
    • redesign (layout – selections – color – placement –  fabrication – etc)
    • design (layout – selections – color – placement –  fabrication – etc)
    • conservation
    • EMFs & RFs (assessment & remediation)
    • indoor air quality (IAQ)
    • storage etiquette

Are you ready to begin and set passion, purpose, and a plan into motion? 


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