Eco-Conscious Interior Designer, Author, Speaker

Eco-Conscious Interior Designer and Author - Charisse Marei

Charisse was destined to design . . . to write . . . to create

Charisse Marei is an eco-conscious designer, eco-author, and inspirational speaker who empowers and inspires people to create change. As a passionate advocate for a healthy, eco-living lifestyle, Charisse focuses on transforming interiors into beautiful, breathe-able dwellings to support the home, well-being, furry friends, and the natural environment. Her mission is to empower and inspire you with the necessary tools to Release, Renew, Revitalize (3Rs) to manifest joy in your heart & home.

Charisse was destined to design. As a young child, she was drawn to various branches of a creative, natural lifestyle. After graduating from Philadelphia College of Textile & Science (PCT&S) with a bachelor of science in interior design, and the International Institute for Building Biology & Ecology, she turned an initial career of interior and aviation design into a successful boutique design consultancy bearing her name. She seamlessly weaves formal training in interior and green design, building biology, feng shui, and pure essential oils with her passion for infusing harmony, balance, and joy into each clients’ project to reflect their personal eco-style.

In 2015 Charisse was in tune with her intuition prompting her to share a beautiful eco-conscious, healthy living lifestyle as an authorpreneur. Her books and products are designed to take you on a transformational journey of empowerment to create an eco-friendly joyful haven that nourishes the home, well-being, furry friends, and our Earth.

She is the visionary, creative director, and illustrator of her work, including two nonfiction books: The Bathroom, the first book in the series One Room at a Time: Your Essential Guide to a Beautiful Eco-Conscious, Healthy Living Lifestyle, and A Timeless Keepsake (journal). She is also the creator of the ChaCha and ChaCha mini gem bracelet, a design created to unify and empower women around the world, and of the healthy living lifestyle website Charisse Marei. The launching of her new book Eco-Conscious Home; Creating a Healthy Lifestyle in Your Heart & Home takes place spring of 2019! Get your copy today.

Charisse lives and works in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania and along the New Jersey coastline, and is a daughter, wife, mother, sister, and ChaCha to her eight grandchildren. Just for fun, she’ll flip two rooms with a full redesign, reorganize/redesign a closet, tend to her gardens, and go for a power walk. Her best days are spent working alongside her new bichon puppy, Ginger, creating content just for you!


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