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As a passionate advocate for a healthy eco-living lifestyle, Charisse focuses on transforming interior spaces into beautiful, breathe-able dwellings to support the home, well-being, and the natural environment. Her mission is to empower and inspire you with the necessary tools of the trade to begin your transformational journey today.

Passionately helping people create an eco-conscious HOME * lifestyle one room at a time

Through the power of the 3Rs, I help people create an eco-conscious lifestyle that honors the connection between our home and well-being and the spaces we work and play.

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Her Background

This passion was sparked early on in life

Even as a little girl, I loved feeling the energy of the earth under my feet and uplifting energy that radiates from others. I was drawn to nature, to loving it, protecting it, and basking in its beauty and goodness.

And I still am! I’m a delightful spirit who loves traveling, taking long walks and deep breaths of pure, clean air, and living a healthy, creative lifestyle in harmony with nature.


Her Education & Qualifications

My creativity and passion also shaped my professional life

I earned my Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Interior Design from Philadelphia University, and went on to study green design and Feng Shui at the NY School of Feng Shui and Graceful Lifestyles.

The more I became conscious of the connection between the homes we live in, the air we breathe, the lifestyle we live, and our overall joyfulness and well-being, the more I wanted to learn how to weave these threads together on a higher plateau. For me, interior design is about so much more than picking the right color or furnishings—although I enjoy that, too! But at the heart of it, eco-conscious design is about cultivating the energy of the space to support the connection between a beautiful healthy home and quality of our well-being that also supports our planet.

I became a certified Professional Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC) through the Building Biology Institute where I studied the science of healthy buildings—sustainable design, indoor air quality (IAQ), electromagnetic fields & radio frequency (EMF & RF) and indoor wiring. I added the natural power of essential oils to my repertoire while attending the Young Living Natural Remedies and Beauty Schools.


Overcoming Challenges

Relying on my training allowed me to overcome major health obstacles

Along the way I experienced profound health challenges that started when I was injured in a bicycle accident. After an unrelated surgery, I began to experience other symptoms of dis-ease and a heightened sensitivity to environmental toxins. This only strengthened my resolve to rely on my foundation: research, love of nature, the belief in energetic balance and harmony, and a commitment to an environmentally safe and non-toxic home and lifestyle. Over time and with much tenacity, faith, and research, I was able to reclaim my good health.


Sharing Her Solutions

Reclaiming My Health Has Made me more passionate to share my journey and solutions with others!

I do that today through my own boutique design consultancy, Charisse Marei, through my interactive eco-books and unique line of eco-friendly products, online course offerings, appearances on podcasts, radio, and TV, and through workshops and public speaking engagements. Wherever I am, the message I delight in sharing is one that promotes the health of the whole person and interior spaces, from the inside out and the outside in, in harmony with nature and supported by living and working spaces that are as environmentally safe as they are beautiful.

What change can you begin today—within you home, office, yourself—to make a difference for a healthier, happier tomorrow? Need some help? Let’s talk about it! Schedule a chat with me HERE.
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