Healthy Living with Charisse Marei

Charisse Marei welcomes the opportunity to guide you along the path of transformation to manifest a Beautiful Eco-Conscious, Healthy-Living Lifestyle. With personalized guidance unveil your interior design and healthy living lifestyle story, develop a plan to bring forth change, and begin the process.

What you choose is a reflection of your personality.

It stems forth in small details to the overall composition.

Create the mood with various types of lighting. In this bedroom setting natural sunlight filters through the windows and into the space with ease. A ceiling mount chandelier and bedside lamps provide ample lighting to welcome occupants into the space and for reading pleasure.

Go ahead and pick up those paintbrushes to create wall art—stunning, beautiful, captivating.

How does one transform an everyday sink into a work of art? Design heart-felt shapes in the sink. Add glass stones in colorful tones to compliment the bathroom and half bath.

Dazzle yourself and guests with unexpected dangling jewels that may or may not reflect shimmering light.

Always have the Dining Room table set. It’s a statement of welcome and joy. Create various levels of height with table mats. Choose one, two, or three table mats and fold at various lengths. Place on the center of the table, drape with a tablecloth, add centerpieces. Wa-La!

Ground your table! Add an area rug underneath.

Decorate with simplicity. It’s a statement.

Ready to watch a movie on the big screen? In addition to spirits offer filtered water with choices of essential oils—orange, grapefruit, lemon. Only pure oils will do.

Add fluff to the bed and special gifts of lavender spray, sachet, and a silk flower in-between the pillow shams.

Let the interior theme flow with continuity and rhythm. Simplicity is at the helm. Guests will linger a bit longer.

No clutter. No extra stuff. Accents and a splash of color create a feeling, character, and reflect your personal signature.

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