Find your Scent: Essential Oil Perfume Personality Quiz – PART 2

We shared The Why: 5-Reasons to Make Essential Oil Perfume and How To: DIY Perfume with Essential Oils. It’s only natural to help you find your signature scent tailored to your personality before you start “sniffing.”

We designed an interactive quiz to help pinpoint which essential oils to order based on your personality. You will discover if your personality is “Romantic & Exotic,” “Sweet & Summery,” “WIld & Free,” or something else.

Follow the link to discover your essential oil personality. 

More Scent Inspirations Please . . . 

Scent Inspirations - How to Make Your Own Perfume
Source: Blog

Which combinations are you excited to try?

What would you name your blend?

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Share your perfume personality with us. We’d love to hear about it and may just share it forward. 

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