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Eco-Conscious Home by Charisse Marei
Charisse Marei helps you transform your home into an eco-friendly haven to manifest a healthy, clean life starting with one room at a time.
Your home is where your heart is, and your well-being is your lifeline to happiness. Weave them together to create a lifestyle that is beautiful and environmentally safe for you, your family, furry friends, and our Earth.
You choose the room to create change. When complete make way to the next room. This one room approach maintains balance and harmony as you transform each space into eco-delight.
Charisse empowers you with the 9 Methods to Eco-Conscious Living and provides you with the tools of the trade to live a healthy lifestyle while unveiling your unique personal style and authentic flair!
This interactive book is complete with countless eco—tips, recipes, and shopping lists. It gently encourages you to remove toxins from the home, declutter, organize, tidy up, design, conserve, and to welcome greater purpose in your life.
Charisse’s beautiful, full-color illustrations bring a touch of joy and inspiration to each page. This is a must-have go-to eco-guide for every room in the home to fulfill the quest for an eco-friendly, eco-conscious lifestyle.

The pages readily await for you to begin your action-inspiring journey!

book excerpt …

Chapter 7: Eco-Conscious Design – JOY
Primary + Secondary Essentials
Must-haves are the primary essentials, the staples pieces that provide specific purpose and functionality to each room. Secondary essentials are the treasures we’ve come to rely on in our daily fares such as accessories, fluff, and aromatics.
Refer to the 3Rs before purchasing new essentials.
  • Release . . . Remove unrepairable and inefficient essentials. Replace with eco-friendly, efficiently repurposed, reconditioned, or new.
  • Renew . . . Repair and replace to restore functionality and aesthetics with eco-friendly, efficiency, and conservation at the forefront.
  • Revitalize . . . Bring new eco-friendly, efficient, conservation essentials into the space.
Natural Beau Walls
Have you thought about the role of your walls? Those strong, beautiful vertical walls support a rhythmic flow in your physical space, consciousness, and subliminal mind. Your eyes may rest on the vertical surface for a nanosecond, engage in mindless snapshots, or settle with an oblivious stare. Walls stand tall to support, protect, and nourish your well-being. What is your role to support those walls?
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Meet Charisse

Charisse Marei Headshot

Charisse Marei is an eco-conscious designer, eco-author, and inspirational speaker who empowers and inspires people to create change. As a passionate advocate for a healthy, eco-living lifestyle, Charisse focuses on transforming interiors into beautiful, breathe-able dwellings to support the home, well-being, furry friends, and the natural environment. Her mission is to empower and inspire you with the necessary tools to Release, Renew, Revitalize (3Rs) to manifest joy in your heart & home.

Charisse was destined to design. As a young child, she was drawn to various branches of a creative, natural lifestyle. After graduating from Philadelphia College of Textile & Science (PCT&S) with a bachelor of science in interior design, and the International Institute for Building Biology & Ecology, she turned an initial career of interior and aviation design into a successful boutique design consultancy bearing her name. She seamlessly weaves formal training in interior and green design, building biology, feng shui, and pure essential oils with her passion for infusing harmony, balance, and joy into each clients’ project to reflect their personal eco-style.

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