“It’s what you initially see upon arrival that sets the tone for what lies beyond.”


As I looked at the original floor plan of the secondary entrance, I foresaw a big hiccup.

The design specified a concealed coat closet and laundry room with door. I imagined opening the exterior door to walk inside, only to see another set of doors in front of me and another to my right. A dark, squeezed-in feeling hovered over my being and I knew this would not do. I envisioned this secondary entry to be as delightfully important as the main entrance, for family, friends, and household members would enter here most often.

I set forth a light-airy, functional eco-redesign while maintaining the original footprint and no doors. Aged materials and clean architectural detail set the tone to bring a refined European influence to the small subtle space. Upon entering your eyes bestow a welcoming sanctuary extending an unexpressed invitation to come on in. The area showcases a recessed nook with a smooth arched ceiling.

A gorgeous old world light fixture adorns the space with its splendid contours, aged finish, beaded threads of frosted amber glass, and drops of dangling crystals. It’s purpose is to light the way and to highlight a, soon to be hung, little masterpiece exhibiting The Tuscan Villa by the Sea.

The area below is considered the transitional space and is designed to house various types of furniture chosen by season or mood. Current options include a rattan bench covered in a custom print textile, an elegant Nancy Corzine side table adorned with crystal jewels, or a large distressed style vase with flower inserts.

In the adjoining space, a freestanding 4-bin shutter entry locker and window take presence. The design allows a place to organize, tidy, and store essentials. It accommodates hanging items—puppy bags, coats, gardening aprons, hip packs, reusable cloth bags, and drawer items—hats, scarves, gloves, throws, and leashes. 4-rattan baskets are positioned above and at the base of each cubby to house hats, shoes, and puppy essentials. The window, in its simplistic form, graciously invites a fluidity of natural light into both areas. A wall-mounted custom window treatment is refashioned from a previous home office to accentuate the view.

The organic beauty of the timeless creamy-hued limestone floor tile infused with meandering gray veining is a favorite! It’s ideal for this high traffic area. Subdued creamy green walls bring a gentle splash of color to add just the right amount of warmth to the entry. As a cohesive whole the eco-conscious tone is set in motion to live a healthy living lifestyle.

Eco-Interior Design Essentials

  • Restoration Hardware – locker
  • Hancock & Moore – bench + custom fabric
  • Leslie Ehrin, artist – Tuscan by the Sea (above bench)
  • Paris Artist – 3 small prints
  • Lighting – n/a
  • Floor – Macadamia – n/a
  • S&W – contented + pure white paint
  • Young Living – abundance essential oil
  • Interior Design – Charisse Marei
  • Wall accessories – local shops + repurposed
  • 2 iron chairs – repurposed + reconditioned
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