9 Things About Me That Only “The Girls” Know . . . In The Bathroom!

 1.  While showering all negative thoughts are acknowledged, released, and go down the drain. Happy thoughts flourish. Yes, I sing in the shower.

2. I rarely stand still. Dance a little. Sing a little.

  • Oh yes, “The Girls” love this time, too.

3.  Leg exercises are part of my rhythmic routine.

4. I brush my teeth with black charcoal toothpaste.

5.  On a non hair cleansing day, I style and apply makeup before showering.

6.  I methodically remove one category of products, use, and return to the designated place before moving on to the next task.

  • oral care products
  • facial cleansing products
  • hair care products
  • towel hanging

7.  I hand wash hair and cosmetic brushes with drops of plant-based shampoo.

8.  Multitasking is a thing.

9.  The iPhone is purposefully placed in another part of the house (can’t hear you).

LOL! Lots of Laughs

Lots of Love

Lots of Living

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