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O2 Air Purifier
Posted on Wednesday, May 6, 2015 at 5:00 PM

Are you aware the air we breathe indoors maybe up to 10x’s worse than the outdoor air?

Breathing in poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) everyday can have an enormous impact on your health.

As an Eco Interior Designer and Green Conscious Living Consultant I guide family, friends and clientele toward the healthiest most efficient natural products for their wellbeing and home. Naturally, with allergies worsening this spring, I researched air purifiers and was delighted with the latest technology surpassing Hepa, Carbon, Ionic, UV and Multi-stage. 



Remove Biologics: 

  • bacteria
  • molds
  • mildew
  • viruses
  • animal dander
  • cat saliva
  • dust mites
  • cockroaches
  • pollen

Remove VOC’s: 

  • pollutants/chemicals/toxins in the air you breathe
  • found in building materials - interior furnishings - cleaning products - personal care products
  • health issues: headaches - dizziness - lightheadedness - eye, nose, throat irritation
  • health issues longtime exposure: may lead to chronic diseases

Remove Micro-Particulates:

  • pollution suspended in the air
  • smaller the particulate the > the problem
  • smaller particulates
  • found in smoke and haze - wind blown dust


Special introductory promo  $50.00 off your purchase!

Quanities unlimited! 

May 7th through May 21st  

Go to: www.o2airpurifier.com and enter promo code HLCM15XS

Check this video out!! 



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