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Our mind is connected to our body, to our higher self and to our spiritual being. Something special happens when all of them are interconnected with ease; harmony manifests. We breathe gently feeling a warmth circulating within our being as happiness radiates outward. We are once again in balance and begin to attract other healthy harmonious people.

When our body is in a state of unease, then negative energy prevails. This unease begins to adversely affect other areas of our life —within our family, friends or at work, which attracts more negative energy. This can be avoided with what I have to offer.


Healthy Living with Charisse Marei has become aware of and experienced various methods to achieve a healthier mind. It is essential, especially as we age and our responsibilities increase, to allow for quiet time. This time is necessary for you to release the stressors accumulated within, to breathe deeply, to relax and to rejuvenate.

Each person is unique, along with the healthy mind technique chosen for them. Charisse will share with you a simple, gentle approach utilizing and/or combining various natural techniques.

Healthy Living with Charisse Marei will encourage you and empower you with knowledge to continually make natural, healthy choices benefiting you, your family and even your pets - because you are on the path to living in balance and harmony within your healthy home.

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