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Interior Design:

Let’s bring it all together!

The scope of your project may encompass one room, several rooms or the entire residence. Your needs may involve color selection, lighting, room designs, detail specifications, assessment or organization.

Whichever you choose, your personal satisfaction is of the utmost importance.

Beyond Interior Design — Eco-Interior Design Consulting: 

Healthy Living with Charisse Marei is certified as an Eco-Consultant for a healthier home environment. 

The transformation to healthy products is an easy transition.

Eco-Interior Design Consulting guides you as you transition from harmful, wasteful products to healthy environmentally conscious choices. You design your wish list.You may choose to transform the complete interior or one room at a time. We can discuss healthy solutions from beauty products, to cleaning products, to household products to conservation.

Setting the Scene — Real Estate Buyers/Sellers:

In early 2000, Charisse Marei became a licensed PA real-estate agent for residential homes. This presented the opportunity to work efficiently with real estate agents and home owners in the selling or buying of real estate. After receiving certification to teach credited courses she curtailed the presentation to empower real estate agents with basic skills to interweave Interior Design and Feng Shui into their practice.

Charisse continues to work with real estate agents as an interior designer and a modern healthy lifestyle consultant to enhance the sellers home and redesign the buyers new home.

Refurbishment — Private and Corporate Jets

As an Aviation Interior Designer I surpassed the requirements for interior refurbishments of private and corporate jets nationally and internationally.
. Let us discuss your next aircraft project.

Feng Shui:

Healthy Living with Charisse Marei helps you through the process of integrating Feng Shui into your design choices. The goal is to live life to your fullest potential surrounded in an environment that supports positive ch’i, health and beauty.

Charisse Marei is a certified Feng Shui Consultant and former director of the International Feng Shui Guild PA Chapter.

Feng Shui is in a natural alignment with and Eco-Design, Building Biology and therapeutic essential oils.

Building Biology:

Building Biology is the science of the holistic relationship between the living and built environment. Let us create your healthy indoor environment that supports well-being for you, your occupants, your furry friends and our earth.

Charisse Marei is an ongoing student of Building Biology.

Building Biology is in a natural alignment with Feng Shui and Eco-Design and therapeutic essential oils.

Consultation Services include the following:

Healthy Living Consultations

  • Floor plan evaluation
  • Furniture assessment
  • Accessory assessment
  • Window, wall, flooring assessment
  • Organization of space:
    • Furniture placement
    • Space for belongings
    • For new home owners
  • Utilization of space
  • Healthy living solutions for:
    • Each room
    • Household cleaning
    • Body (personal care products)
    • Bath
    • Sleeping
    • Lighting (to include candles)
    • Detox of body and mind
    • Electromagnetic fields (EMF’s)
    • Indoor air quality (IAQ)
    • Feng Shui (to include the senses)
    • Interior Design
Interior Design/Conscious Living Consultation

The first 15 minutes are complementary!



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