Transformation to Healthy Living Consultation

Healthy Living with Charisse Marei welcomes the opportunity to guide you along the path of transformation. Together we will develop a plan to address your interior design needs, assess and replace toxic products, and design a natural healthy lifestyle for you from the inside out. A healthier home, body, mind and spirit will allow joy, abundance, balance and harmony to flow smoothly. Together we will embrace your wish list, turning your vision into reality.

Your interior home environment and your inner being - body, mind and spirit - are interconnected. They are supportive of mindful intentions, which are set forth to enjoy life at its fullest. It is essential to consider all of these elements in order to address the changes needed to engage a modern and healthy conscious living lifestyle

Healthy Living with Charisse Marei provides you with personalized guidance as we work together bringing forth changes that encourage beauty and positive energy to flow freely through your inner self and interior home environment. You choose the area of focus.

Menu of services

  • Private in home consultation
  • Private consultation via Skype
  • Private consultation via Facetime

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