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Take a look at the following examples of someof the brands I love. I will continue to add to new information to Brands I Love, guiding you along an au naturale route to live a conscious, healthy lifestyle.

The time is now to take control of your home, your body, your mind and spirit. We spend 90% of our time indoors. We need to be confident with decisions made in purchasing products that support our home and health needs today and each day forward! Through years of research, I am delighted to share therapeutic natural, healthy products I personally love and use for my home, body, mind and spirit..

My hope is for you to practice this wisdom to guide others in the path of enlightenment. Use this wisdom to transition from an unhealthy lifestyle to a conscious living lifestyle to look and feel vibrant. I ask that you kindly share your newly found wisdom with your family and friends.

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A large part of staying healthy and youthful is to treat your body right by exercising on a regular basis. Find out what my favorite products are when it comes to keeping in shape and remaining fit/active! 



Standard ReboundAIRâ„¢

Standard ReboundAIRâ„¢

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Why I Like It.

Feeling strength and mobility returning to my being, I knew the time had come to reintroduce a form of exercise into my daily routine. I was enlightened with the benefits discovered by simply jumping on a Rebounder. This became my new approach to satisfy my present health condition while strengthening my bones and protecting my muscles and joints. Initially, I schedule 5 minutes intervals throughout the day. As I held onto the stabilizing bar, my feet never left the mat. Gently moving from side to side with controlled movements, and very low impact. Becoming dizzy or falling was not an option. Today, I approach my Rebounder with ease and an increased time of 45 minutes every other day for I am now stronger and more confident.


Heighten your experience. My granddaughter and I Rebound together. Happy heart, body and mind! Happy me, happy you.


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Rebound Exercise benefits our bodies!

Rebound Exercise has been known to:

• Strengthen muscles, tendons and ligaments,

• Help bones become mineralized, dense and strong,

• Help develop balance and coordination,

• Maintain Homeostasis,

• Improve the flow of blood through the small blood vessels of the bones,

• Increase the heart’s pumping power,

• Increase lymphatic system circulation,

• Improve efficiency of the immune system.

• It helps you look better and feel better.

• It gives you a sense of control of your overall health.


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