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Meet Charisse

Charisse Marei is a woman on a journey living a lifestyle filled with passion for healthy and mindful living. My life is a treasure chest filled with many gifts of joy, gratitude and intuition that I hope to share with those that surround me.

My passion and my purpose are to research, inform and inspire others about healthy, conscious choices within our homes and within ourselves.

The age old expression, "children learn what they live," is engrained in my being, my soul and my mind. As a young child I was drawn to various branches of creative lifestyle which I embrace today - the arts, nature, health, conservation, design and organization of space.

From this foundation I created a clear path and goal in life: to promote healthy interior environments with a focus on natural beauty and health of the whole person, from the inside out.



GardenI experienced numerous changes along my path as I transitioned into a professional career woman while never losing sight of my goal. In my early 30s, the life I became accustomed to dramatically changed as my marriage came to an end. As a single mother of three children I enrolled as a full time student at the PCT&S for formal training in interior design. I embraced merging my natural talents with the technical skills provided. Ambitious in my quest to transform interior spaces into aesthetically pleasing spaces for the occupants, I knew intuitively my completed interior design projects added much more.

I eagerly began formal training in Feng Shui followed by Building Biology which is how I came to understand why my interior designs reflected more than functionality and aesthetics. The key Feng Shui is everything is energy. To attract positive energy we must infuse our home with beauty and balance to reflect the natural harmony found in nature. In doing so, we live our life to our fullest potential embracing health, prosperity and abundance.Whereby, Building Biology is a science that leads to healthy ecological buildings that exist in harmony with our external environment. My intuitive ability centered on these principles.

A welcomed harmonious addition to my treasure chest are Young Living Therapeutic Essential   Oils.The products are with ease woven into the very fabric of my practice due to their origin, seed to seal process, and natural therapeutic properties to enhance your home, body, mind and spirit. They are spiritually and emotionally uplifting, allowing total mind and body wellness. Any time you hold a bottle of these powerful essential oils, you are holding nature's pure essence of health-promoting botanicals. When applied they inspire a positive emotional state, enhance our physical wellness, purify our home and create a deep spiritual awareness.


healing roomAs I reflect on my educational journey and the grateful, joyful, fulfilled woman I am today, I realize I was destined to travel along this natural path of conscious living. Long before I was aware of these teachings, I delivered my college thesis on all the principles noted emphasizing our interconnectedness with our natural and build environment.
The paper was called, "R E J U V E N A T I O N."

Eco-Design, Feng Shui, Building Biology and Young Living Therapeutic Essential Oils are my areas of expertise. All I learned has been strengthened and nourished from years of practice, but it all began with making that first conscious decision to make a change. Healthy conscious choices enhance our lives, our pets lives and preserve our natural and built environment.

I am aware of and feel the energy radiating from the earth beneath my feet. I am aware of and feel the energy that radiates from others. I surround myself with like people. Like attracts like.

Approach today with a freshened attitude and allow your light to shine from within! Ask yourself, "What change can I begin today in making a difference for a healthier, tomorrow within my home and within myself?"

faerieLove & Light,
Charisse Marei


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